Suvida Integrated Services Pvt Ltd


Refurbishment of Offices

Run out of room? It’s hard to focus when you’re working shoulder to shoulder. A clever office refurbishment can free up space you never knew you had. And it spares you the cost and upheaval of moving. No changes of address to worry about, no chance of losing any staff who can’t make the commute to your new office.

But how do you go about an office refurbishment when it’s a full-time office? With great difficulty. But that needn’t be a worry with us.

Health & Safety dangers, disruption issues and the need to remain a fully-functional office – you don’t need to worry about any of them. With our tried and tested methodology, no-one’s better at working safely around people. We do the heavy work in the evenings and weekends so as not to disrupt staff. We closely monitor your IT and telecoms to make sure nothing is ever ‘accidently’ switched off. We even create employee communications campaigns so your staff know exactly what’s happening and when. Oh and of course, we’re in and out as quickly as possible.